On Tuesday, March 17th, 2020, a group of restaurant owners and operators from Richmond, Virginia met to discuss some of the immense challenges facing our industry due to the outbreak of SARS COV-2/COVID-19. We believe that by consolidating our many voices into one we have more power and a greater ability to influence decision makers in our community and beyond.

The goals of Richmond Restaurants United are:

  1. Alleviate the financial stress placed on our businesses and employees by lobbying our local, state, and national governments for financial assistance.
  2. Advocating for a bold stimulus package to support our industry that includes a wage for our unemployed workers, tentatively called Social Distancing wage.
  3. To support each other and share ideas, advice, and kindness throughout this ordeal.

Our Current plan of action:

  1. Create a website for furloughed workers and business owners alike where they can find links to vetted resources for assistance
  2. Film a public service announcement illuminating our need for help and why this industry and it’s workers mean so much to our community.
  3. Create private social media group for owners and operators, as well as for hospitality staff in general to share resources, advice, etc.
  4. Develop relationships with local and national associations and organizations that may be of assistance to the Richmond, VA Restaurant community.
  5. Stay up-to-date with national food & beverage/hospitality developments in order to identify best practices and policy recommendations.

A Note from the Author

Richmond Restaurants United is not a formal organization, but rather a community group. People active in the group include those shown in the image below.

If you are the owner/operator of an independent restaurant located in Richmond, VA and would like to get on the mailing list, please simply email Richmond Restaurants United Mailing List richmondrestaurantsunited@googlegroups.com with your name and affiliated restaurant.