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Support Offer: Resume Writing

Submitted by Mary Tschirhart:

My partner and i can help with resume writing. We both have been in the HR/recruiting field for sometime. Might help when the pandemic ends and people are looking for new positions?

Feel free to email me at!

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Hi Mary,

I graduated from NYU with a B.S. in Nutrition and Food Studies, and after completing my degree I launched CITI PIE: mobile wood fire pizza catering. While all of my classmates went on to work at NGO’s and in marketing, PR, or HR positions at various companies I feel like I’m going to have to start from the bottom again.

For sometime now I’ve been thinking of ways to better utilize my academic and business skills so I can secure a job in a company. However, I keep getting passed over b/c they prefer ppl with MBA’s and I do not have the marketable skills one requires.

I don’t want to work in social media marketing in the food industry like many of my friends do. I’m an army veteran and I have PTSD so some times when I have to keep doing social things I get overwhelmed.

I’m good at talking to ppl, managing a team, and I have an interest in numbers. I’m currently working on getting my Real Estates license b/c I really like working with people. I’m going to take this time to do a lot of volunteering work and see if I can make some good connections. Sorry if I’m rambling on I just thought maybe you could lend some advice on how I can get to the next milestone and find some meaning in all of this.
Hope everybody is doing well.

Thank you,

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